The Vision For An Eternal Life |Aeonios #1

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Losing your life is a problem, and the usual symbol for it is death. If you desire to live eternally, you can either have an attitude of accepting that losing your life is inevitable or you can at least have the opposite attitude towards it and accept that you will lose your life because you are not capable enough to keep it eternally and the solution to keep your life eternally is to become capable of doing so.

Nowadays, we can see an openess towards anti-aging which is actually aligned with your goal to become an eternal beings, but it’s equally important to improve your philosophy on the eternal life to make it easier for you to reach the goal of becoming eternal and maintain it eternally.

Your focus should ultimately be on becoming eternal rather than trying just to cure aging or whatever, the latter are means and not goals. Conceptually speaking, you should focus on the vision that you have for yourself rather than the problem per-se. Doing so helps you from a personal level since you will get motivated to reach that vision because you are always thinking and feeling of the good faith that is awaiting for you, and it helps you from an interactional level with people because it’s more attractive to people to feel and talk about eternal life rather than about death, aging and so on.

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